Bosworth Independent College


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History of Bosworth Independent College: We are centrally located in the heart of England, and have been providing high quality education for nearly forty years. The College is situated in the market town of Northampton which is one hour by train from London. Northampton has the luxury of mixing town life with miles of rolling countryside making it a safe environment for any new international student.

The College has a cosmopolitan community with British students working alongside both European and international students. With a positive attitude towards their education, a well-structured but friendly atmosphere and a comfortable learning environment, over fifty per cent of Bosworth students secure a place in one of the UK’s top twenty five Universities.

Why choose Bosworth Independent College?

76% of 2013 A-Level students gained A*-B grades

  • Average class size of 8
  • Oxbridge and Medical preparation programme for A-Level students
  • Well qualified teachers, many with Masters or Doctorate degrees in their chosen subjects
  • Students have a very structured timetable with lessons starting at 08.30am-5.50pm
  • All language programmes are combined with some aspect of academic learning
  • Scholarship opportunities for outstanding students

Courses on Offer:

  • GCSE study: 17 subject options
  • A-Levels: 21 subject options
  • University Foundation Programme – Business or Engineering/Science
  • Language study for both academic and elementary learners
  • High School Experience
  • Summer school in July-August

Academic programmes start in September but Language Programmes can be undertaken for one term. Many students will join us for a shorter language course and then progress to academic study. In the summer we offer a specific language course for students between 12-17 years old. This is combined with local excursions, sports and evening activities. In many ways this is an ideal programme to allow younger students to experience life away from home before embarking on a full time course.

Accommodation and care: Our College accommodation is single sex and fully supervised providing spacious rooms and the option of twin shared or single occupancy. All boarding houses have their own common room, each with internet access and the accommodation is within a short walk of the main teaching building. Students have the security of knowing that an adult is available at all times. A school uniform is not required, but along with other rules regarding behaviour we do have a ‘dress code’. Meals are taken in Bosworth Hall in our large restaurant, where we typically provide a choice of four different meals, catering for all tastes and recognising any dietary needs. In the evenings and at week-ends a range of sports are available, but this is optional.

What our students say: Armando Pinzon, Mexican, 14 years old

“I am on the two year GCSE programme and have completed year one. Being at Bosworth has made me a better person, I am now more secure in myself and I can communicate easily. It has also made me more independent and responsible. The teaching is great and all of the teachers respect you and make you feel comfortable. It is a very happy place, where I have made lots of new friends.”